Last of the Anniston depot chemical agents delivered for disposal

Employees at the Anniston Chemical Activity in Anniston, Ala., have delivered the last chemical agent-filled artillery shells in ANCA storage igloos to the Anniston Chemical Agent Disposal Facility.
The facility is now no longer storing mustard agent or nerve agent chemical weapons for the first time in nearly half a century. After destroying all munitions, ANCA's next mission will be to conduct cleanup and closure activities at the facility.
“For the first time in 48 years, neither Anniston Chemical Activity nor Anniston Army Depot employees are storing nerve agent or mustard agent munitions," Lt. Col. Willie J. Flucker, the ANCA commander, said. "That’s huge news. As we draw closer to the safe destruction of the last chemical munitions on Anniston Army Depot, it is appropriate to reflect upon the many milestones and accomplishments achieved not only by our ANCA employees but also our teammates on and off Anniston Army Depot.”
Chemical munitions handlers, other depot employees and first responders in the surrounding communities tested the procedures developed for the facility in case of an accident or an incident involving the chemical munitions.
“Because we all worked hard together, and we all trained well together, ANCA employees and our partners on and off the depot can take great pride in a most significant accomplishment," Flucker said. "We have safely completed the storage phase of our dual chemical munitions mission. Now the Anniston team is close to completing our next key mission as well. That is the safe destruction of our last chemical munitions in the ANCDF.”
Chemical munitions have been stored at the facility since 1995.
“When I took command 14 months ago, we still had 133,307 mustard-filled artillery shells, mortars, and bulk ton containers," Flucker, the ninth and final ANCA commander, said. "Now, through the hard work and perseverance of our ANCA Team, our igloos are empty and we can begin to concentrate on what’s next.”
After closure activities have commenced, ANCA employees will prepare their munitions handling equipment for possible reissue to the two remaining chemical munitions storage sites in Kentucky and Colorado.