French Army to evaluate effects of battlefied neurotoxins

Rhenovia Pharma will head a $1.7 million collaboration with the French Army's Biomedical Research Institute to develop the firm's biosimulation technology for use in evaluating the neurobiological effects of battlefield neurotoxic agents.

The award was funded by the French government through the RHETOX initiative, Gen Eng News reports. The partners will design and develop a biosimulation platform that incorporates the molecular elements required to analyze the effects of organophosphoric neurotic agents like soman and sarin.

The platform will also test the effects of pesticides and insecticides like paraoxon, which are similar chemically and pharmacologically with organophosphates.

The platform will aid in the identification of new approaches to counteract neurotoxin effects and to accelerate the discovery and development of specific antidotes for civilians and military personnel, according to Gen Eng News. The technology will also have applications in the healthcare field for use in predicting secondary neurotoxic effects of any drug or NCE on different neuronal targets.

“This project will make it possible to take better account of the complexity of biological systems and their interactions with neurotoxins, and will lead to the development of fast, powerful, specific, and safe measures to protect against and combat poisonings,” Serge Bischoff, Rhenovia’s president and CEO, said, according to Gen Eng News.

Rhenovia Pharma specializes in the optimization and development of treatments for Alzheimer's disease and other central and peripheral nervous system diseases. Rhenovia has made its biosimulation platform available through its drug development optimization services package.