Qaddafi may turn to chemical weapons as last resort

British Foreign Secretary William Hugue warned on Wednesday that desperate members of Muammar Qaddafi's collapsing regime may try to unleash Libya's stocks of chemical weapons.  
According to the Pentagon, American armed forces were monitoring Qaddafi's chemical weapons sites, the Irish Independent reports. NATO commanders are also bracing for Scud missile attacks as a final resort against towns being held by opposition forces.
Intelligence sources said that Qaddafi has up to 240 Scud B missiles that could be used on civilians. At least one such missile has been launched from Qaddafi's Sirte stronghold on the opposition-held town of Misrata but it fell off target, possibly into the sea.
Despite giving up most of his biological and chemical weapons after 2003, Qaddafi retained stocks of the chemicals that are required to make mustard gas, the Irish Independent reports. The stockpile of mustard gas components is said to be quite small and likely out of date.
According to defense sources, there is always the possibility that Libyan sleeper cells could have already been inserted into Europe to carry out revenge acts of terrorism by using arms taken from Qaddafi's stores.
Two months ago, a significant NATO raid attacked a facility that had rocket-fueling canisters and Scud launchers. Out of the 240 rockets, only a few dozen might be viable, according to the Irish Independent.
If Qaddafi attempts to fire Scuds or send armored vehicles or artillery from outlying garrisons into Tripoli, NATO jets will be ready to respond.