FBI investigating link between Ferguson, Letterman threats

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is searching for any possible links between a threatening letter and white powder sent to Craig Ferguson and an internet threat to David Letterman.
Officials stressed that while they are looking into a connection, there is no evidence of such a link, the Chicago Tribune reports. Both men host late-night CBS talk shows. Earlier this month, an internet jihadist threatened that he would cut out Letterman's tongue.
"It's something we are going to look into," Laura Eimiller, an FBI spokeswoman said, according to the Chicago Tribune. "It will be part of our investigation if there is a link."
On Tuesday, two employees opened the letter at the CBS-TV studios in the 7800 block of Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, before the taping of Ferguson's "The Late Late Show," the Los Angeles Police Department said.
Detectives from the Major Crimes Division of the LAPD were investigating with the FBI and authorities in Europe, where the letter may have originated, officer Karen Rayner said, Reuters reports.
The threat was posted by a contributor on a website using the name Umar al-Basrawi. The threat was in response to Letterman's comments about the early June death-by-airstrike of Ilyas Kashmiri, al-Qaeda's alleged new leader, after U.S. Special Forces killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan earlier this year.