British man arrested for ricin production instructions

A British man of Pakistani descent accused of possessing instructions on how to make the biotoxin ricin recently appeared in a U.K. court.

Asim Kauser of Barden Close, Bolton, in the greater Manchester area, was charged with four offenses under the British Terrorism Act, according to the BBC. All four offenses related to material found on a computer pen drive, including the ricin instructions and instructions on how to make a bomb.

Kauser, who is alleged to have committed the offenses between January 2009 and June 2011, was accused of possessing details that could potentially be helpful to someone who is planning on or committing an act of terrorism.

One of the charges deals specifically to the possession of instructions to prepare ricin, and another for having instructions on constructing an “improvised explosive device.”

Judge David Calvert-Smith said Kauser will remain in custody until a trial, for which a date has yet to be fixed, the BBC reports. The judge also said the trial should be held in Manchester.

Kauser was taken into custody at his home near Manchester, England, on June 6, in an operation conducted by a British anti-terrorism unit.

“There is no evidence to suggest that any communities in the Greater Manchester area are at risk in connection with the alleged offenses under investigation,” a police spokesman said about the case, according to