Qaddafi may be planning to use remaining chemical weapons

Recent reports from U.S. defense officials that a Scud missile was launched against rebel forces have raised concerns that forces loyal to Libya’s embattled leader Colonel Muammar Qaddafi may have plans to use the nation's remaining stockpile of chemical weapons.

High-ranking Libyan defectors have reported that Qaddafi still possesses at least a quarter of the chemical weapons he was able to accumulate during the 1990s, mainly in the form of mustard gas. U.S. intelligence reports that Qaddafi may have 10 tons of the chemical agent remaining, and with 200 Scud missiles in his arsenal, a means to deliver it, according to the Telegraph.

Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein developed a means of adapting the Scud to carry chemical and biological weapons, and it is believed the only reason he did not do so was because of a dramatic warning that came from Washington.

It is unclear at this point how NATO would respond if Qaddafi used chemical weapons, and if the United Nations Security Council would support any decision to retaliate, the Telegraph reports.

General Abdul Fatah Younis, the former rebel commander who was recently assassinated, speculated in April that, if cornered, Qaddafi would be ready to use mustard gas.

“He will fight up to the final drop of his blood,” Younis said, the Telegraph reports. “He still has about 25 percent of his chemical weapons, which he might use if he is in a desperate situation. He always says, ‘You love me or I will kill you.'”