More anthrax cases reported in China

Two additional cases of cutaneous anthrax infections were reported in the northeast Liaoning Province, China, which brings the total number of people hospitalized for the disease to 32.
The two cases were found in Dongang City on Monday, over 100 kilometers away from the city where the disease was first reported, Xinhua reports.
Health experts with the Liaoning Provincial Health Department said that all of the cases originated from the same source. As of Monday, four cases have been confirmed while 28 others are still being investigated.
An investigation by local health authorities revealed that the patients contracted the disease after coming into direct contact with diseased cattle. The government of Liaoning has since disinfected or killed more than 400 heads of cattle in the province and carried out a survey among more than 20,000 people.
Cutaneous anthrax is a skin infection caused by coming into direct contact with infected animals or animal products. It is rarely fatal if treated.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the infection begins with a small sore that develops into a blister. The blister then develops into a skin ulcer that contains a black area in the center. The sore, blister and ulcer are not painful. Antibiotics are used to treat cutaneous and other forms of anthrax.