PositiveID awarded bioweapons detection patent

PositiveID Corporation, a medical device and biological detection system developer, has been awarded an additional important international patent for the detection of biological pathogens for rapid diagnosis and treatment.

The patent, called "Apparatus and Method of Extracting and Optically Analyzing an Analyte from a Fluid-based Sample," was awarded to the company's MicroFluidic Systems subsidiary. The patent works in conjunction with the patented technology that the company announced in mid-July to provide key steps in accurate biological sample detection and preparation with limited resources in the field or clinical environment.

"The two new patents announced over the past couple of weeks are noteworthy for their ability to run biological sample analysis in a small, portable and cost-efficient format and provide rapid, accurate detection," Dr. M. Allen Northrup, the CEO of MFS, said. "We believe this technology has significant value for multiple applications of critical importance to prevent disease outbreaks and save lives."

The handheld instrument, which is about the size of a syringe, may allow for rapid detection within minutes of a sampling, which would allow for appropriate treatment for infected individuals immediately. The system works completely on battery power.

Positive ID acquired MFS in May. MFS specializes in producing automated instruments for many different applications in the detection and processing of biological samples.