Conn. university to simulate anthrax attack

Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn., will host an emergency preparedness anthrax drill on Wednesday using a simulated scenario and volunteer participants.

Terron Jones of the Bridgeport Health and Social Services Department told that the test scenario will include receiving a report of an anthrax threat at the train station with 10 confirmed cases. The protocol of the scenario would be to provide medication to every city resident.

"What we know from the tornado we experienced last year, and the wealth of events we see on TV - is that if we are unprepared - unforeseen events can net disastrous outcomes," Kristin duBay-Horton, director of the Health and Social Services for the city of Bridgeport, Conn., said, according to "This drill will ensure that we are adequately prepared to face any disaster - whether viral, terrorist or otherwise. These kinds of exercises help us educate ourselves, and the public, about what to do and how to do it through simulation so we're ready in case a real disaster strikes. Please join us to learn how to help yourself and your community."

On hand for the drill will be the Bridgeport and Fairfield police departments and American Medical Response.

"I have participated in these drills many times, and it's always an incredible experience - whether you participate as a patient or as medical or emergency personnel," Dr. Linda Strong, director of Sacred Heart's RN-BSN nursing program, said, reports.