Dugway Proving Ground seeks to expand

The Dugway Proving Ground, a Utah U.S. Army installation located 85 miles southwest of Salt Lake City wants to improve and expand the areas where it hosts training units from across the country.
Training at the installation consists of anything from shooting from vehicles to searching for chemical and biological weapons to climbing mountains. Lance McEntire, West Desert Test and Training operations branch manager, and Michael Merritt, the range control officer at Dugway, hosted an open house about the proposed training area expansion on Monday night, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.
“Between 2003 and today, training has skyrocketed,” McEntire said, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.
According to a draft environmental assessment, Dugway hosted 60 training groups or events in 2004 and 490 in 2010. While Dugway is expanding the area where training occurs, it is not expanding its testing of simulated biological and chemical weapons defenses.
The plan, which could be in place as early as September, would allow more training in the range of mountains at the center of the 800,000 acre Dugway Proving Ground.
In addition to all branches of the military sending units to Dugway, first responders attend training there to learn about chemical and biological weapons defense.

Another rationale for the expansion is that more training space is needed for the Utah National Guard now that development is closer to Camp Williams in the Salt Lake Valley.
Public comment about the expansion is open until Aug. 8, and then the Dugway garrison manager will decide if the draft environmental assessment adequately addresses issues under the National Environmental Policy Act.