Body found at ricin suspect's home

A body was recently found in the Florida home of a man who was the subject of a 2004 investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation involving using the mail to send the toxin ricin to the White House and then-Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.).

The body of the man was found at approximately 1 p.m. in a Fruit Cove, Florida, home by detectives from the local Sheriff’s Office. An autopsy determined the man’s death was caused by a violent homicide. The victim’s identity should be released later in the week, according to

Property records show the home in Fruit Cove, Florida, is owned by Daniel S. Somerson. Somerson, a former mail trucker from Jacksonville and the operator of a website that included accusations of corruption against the government and the trucking industry, was questioned in 2004 by the FBI over three incidents in which ricin was sent through the mail.

At the time of the investigations, Somerson told the Washington Post that he had been interviewed extensively by agents with the FBI’s terrorism task force in October 2004, after the first letter containing ricin surfaced at a mail sorting facility in South Carolina.

The FBI has posted a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the South Carolina ricin case. Somerson has denied all involvement in the case. He compared himself to Richard Jewell, the security guard targeted by the FBI in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic bombings and who was later cleared.