Marines in Japan drill in CBRN gear

Soldiers from the Marine Aircraft Group 12 command at the Marine Air Station in Iwakuni, Japan, recently wore mission-oriented protective posture gear while performing their daily missions.

The order to don the protective clothing was given as part of semi-annual MOPP familiarization training that was designed to familiarize service members with operating in a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear environment, according to

“The Marines are meant to understand and learn that while MOPP gear is uncomfortable, they can still accomplish their mission,” Gunnery Sgt. James L. Walters said, reports. “If you’re a Section 6 Marine, you can still work on somebody’s computer for them wearing MOPP gear. If you’re in administration, you have to adjust and figure out how to still type orders while you’re in MOPP gear. Doing this training ensures that we can still function, and we won’t be sidelined in the event of an enemy attack.”

The MAG-12 marines conducted the training for an entire day while progressing in MOPP levels, which required more restrictive protection measures. Simulated intelligence warnings concerning CBRN attacks signaled greater MOPP restrictions.

 “A lot of people see this training as a pain to do,” Walters said. “(The gear) is very restrictive and the training lowers morale somewhat; but doing a little bit of training now, will save a lot of lives in the future.”