Anthrax scare in Kansas

A Kansas pregnancy center located next door to the national office of the pro-life organization Operation Rescue recently received a letter in the mail containing a suspicious white powder.

White powder puffed out of the envelope, which purported to be sent from France, when it was opened. An alert staff member then placed the envelope into two bags and took it to the center's director. The center’s director immediately took the envelope to the director of Operation Rescue, who then called the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to

“Now we are locked down and they have set up hot, warm, and cold zones around the building,” Cheryl Sullenger, the deputy director of Operation Rescue, said, reports. “We are concerned that the package was meant for us and that they sent it to the wrong building.”

The building, before being taken over by Operation Rescue, was formerly occupied by an abortion clinic.

Troy Newman, the center's director, said the FBI, police officers and firefighters, including a hazmat team, arrived at the scene, according to The FBI took a sample away for testing and quarantined Newman and six other employees at the office. Officials are also keeping the public from approaching the building while tests on the package are completed.

"This is the third anthrax scare at OR within 10 years," Newman said, according to