ECSI announces biological detecting water system

Electronic Control Security, Inc., recently announced the development and release of its Water Infrastructure Sensing Equipment, a system that monitors water supplies for the presence of biological and chemical contaminants.

WISE is capable of delivering reports of water quality and the existence of biological and chemical toxins online and in real-time. In the event of a contamination incident, the system is capable of diverting water supplies to a filtration system or shutting down the flow of water completely.

The WISE system has been tested by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is considered to be a low-cost alternative in comparison to current grab-sampling methods. It is capable of either automatically shut down the flow of water or divert it through filtering system in the event of a contamination incident.

Electronic Control Security, Inc., plans to market WISE aggressively to the multi-billion dollar food, pharmaceutical and water resource markets.

"We are very excited about this new, under-the-radar technology and all that it brings to the table as far as on-line convenience, real-time risk mitigation, long-term cost-savings to the end user, and wide-ranging applications,” Arthur Barchenko, the company’s president and CEO, said. “Based on the initial market reaction, we anticipate a significant demand for WISE as a solutions-oriented technology while the water quality and monitoring market continues to emerge and develop around the world."