Taiwan simulates biological, nuclear attacks

Taiwan recently held a major anti-terrorism exercise simulating potential nuclear and biological attacks.

Over 1,200 personnel from several law enforcement agencies and military units took part in the drills, which lasted over two hours and tested the authorities’ command and communications capabilities and response to unconventional warfare, according to NDTV.com.

“The main aim of this drill is to test the capabilities of every administrative unit to respond to a terrorist attack,” President Ma Ying-jeou said, TaiwanToday.com reports. “Although Taiwan has not been a target of terrorism, every unit must map out response plans and practice implementing them in simulated drills so as to discourage terrorists from ever attempting to attack Taiwan and to ensure they do not succeed if they do try."

During the scenario, terrorists placed a dirty bomb on an oil tanker anchored in the harbor, which they then ignited. Also during the attack, enemy forces took control of a bus and demanded the release of a captured terrorist leader held by Taiwanese forces.

After receiving reports of the hostage situation and the potential bomb threat, units from the Coast Guard, National Police Agency and Military Police were dispatched and took control of the situation. They successfully rescued the hostages and cleaned up the explosion site, according to ChinaPost.com.