SAFE-T made available to law enforcement, first responders

Raptor Detection Technologies, LLC., recently announced that its Substance Activated Fast Evaluation Technology line of products will now be made available to law enforcement, first responders and security personnel.

Raptor's SAFE-T products are currently used by military organizations to rapidly assess the presence of molecules that are potentially dangerous to humans and the environment, such as toxins, chemical agents, biological agents, explosives and poisons.

SAFE-T products are based on molecularly imprinted polymers that were developed by The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. They produce a dramatic color change reaction visible to the naked eye when in the presence of target molecules, such as those used in a terrorist attack.

SAFE-T Spray and SAFE-T Wipes, as well as a Trace Collection Wipes, will be made available in kits that can be configured to meet the demands of civilian customers.

The product line is considered to be resistant to a wide range of humidity, temperature, acidity and alkalinity factors. They can be sprayed or coated into commercial devices or can be incorporated into existing products, such as event tickets or security badges. If a trace amount of dangerous material is located on a person's skin, the coated material will change color at the time of exposure.