Indiana county simulates areosolized anthrax attack

Emergency responders in Montgomery County, Indiana, recently staged an exercise aimed at preparing for a terrorist attack using aerosolized anthrax.

The drill, which took place at the local Crawfordsville High School, simulated a scenario in which someone stole the county sanitarian’s aerosol truck and used the equipment to spray anthrax at various locations in the area, according to

“In a real world event, we would not have time to prepare,” Shari Harrington, the county sanitarian, said, reports. “A lot of people have plans, but they don’t take them off the shelf to review them.”

Harrington also said that the drill was important practice in the event that something similar to the staged occurrence actually happened.

For the exercise, members of the public volunteered to play victims of the anthrax attack. They were taken to the high school, which served as one of the county’s designated three points of dispersion.

“Any opportunity to participate, we do,” Crawfordsville Fire Chief Eric Small said, reports.

Small added that he felt it was important to prepare for a disaster because ,in the event of a real anthrax attack, local responders would need to be self sufficient to handle the emergency. He said the fire department trains for emergency events almost every day.