Denmark purchases smallpox vaccine

Bavarian Nordic has signed a contract with the Danish Ministry of Defense and an undisclosed European NATO member to supply IMVAMUNE, the company’s third generation smallpox vaccine.

The size and value of the contracts have not been disclosed, but Bavarian Nordic has said the vaccine doses will be delivered sometime in 2011, according to

The purchase is intended to bolster the countries’ defenses against the release of smallpox by a terrorist organization. IMVAMUNE is currently an unlicensed vaccine, but has been made available for government purchase. The United States has ordered 20 million doses of the drug.

"Although these are smaller orders, we believe they can be the launch pad for a long-term cooperation on building up a modern bio-preparedness in these countries,” Anders Hedegaard, president and CEO of Bavarian Nordic A/S, said, reports. “We are continuously working to position IMVAMUNE towards governments and national defenses in other countries that have shown their interest in the vaccine."

IMVAMUNE has developed a favorable safety profile after 10 years of research and it is considered to be well tolerated by those who are not recommended to take the traditional smallpox vaccines.

“Just like the U.S., Canada and the other countries which have purchased our vaccine, these countries now recognize the excellent features of IMVAMUNE, which not only appears to be safer, but studies have also shown it has faster onset of protection than the old vaccines,” Hedegaard said, according to