Military strategist warns that terrorism will become outsourced

A senior American military strategist recently warned that terrorists will increasingly outsource their attempts to attack targets and create mass casualties.

Philip Bobbit, speaking at the Hay Festival in the United Kingdom, detailed the increased risk posed by terrorists willing to use biological weapons of mass destruction, according to the Guardian.

Bobbit said that he believes terrorists will be capable of capitalizing on the advantages of globalism in the same way as large corporations. The rise of “market states,” as opposed to nation states, will lead to the development of terrorist tactics that cannot be countered by traditional military approaches.

As the United States and other western countries have begun outsourcing their military and logistical operations, terrorists will find benefits in operating in a similar fashion, the Guardian reports.

Osama bin Laden, Bobbit said, will be studied by future generations as an administrative innovator for his ability to bring terrorism into the modern age. His lasting legacy, therefore, will be his success in treating mass murder like a global business.

Bobbit said that the chances of dying in a terrorist attack remain quite low, but that technological and administrative advances have reduced the knowledge, money and number of people needed to conduct a successful operation.