San Francisco tests website for bioterror attacks

Health officials in the San Francisco Bay area recently began the testing of an emergency medical website that, when fully completed, will be used to help distribute life-saving medication during a bioterror or infectious disease event, such as an anthrax attack.

The Bay Area Mass Phrophylaxis Working Group is using an online public screening tool in order to ensure that the proper medication can be dispensed more quickly and efficiently, according to

Currently, visitors to the BAMPWG website are asked to fill out a short questionnaire concerning their medical history and those of up to 19 others for whom they might need to pick up medicine during an emergency situation.

The purpose of the questionnaire is to determine who could potentially have serious reactions to the dispensed countermeasures, reports. Having the information prepared ahead of time could greatly speed up the distribution process at mass prophylaxis sites.

For those wishing to help in case of an emergency, the website also contains four training modules geared towards preparing volunteers to work as managers and dispensers.

The testing process is scheduled to take place on June 8. It takes approximately 10 minutes to fill out the questionnaire for a single person. The BAMPWG website is located at