Thirty cases of anthrax reported in Bangladesh

Appproximately 30 people have been detected with anthrax in the Shahjadpur and Ullapara upazilas of Bangladesh according to local doctors who stressed that the condition is not life threatening if skin infection is detected early.

According to the doctors, the virus broke out in the villages when sick cows were slaughtered by locals in the last few days. When the meat was shared, adults and children were infected. Medical teams were then dispatched to the villages to begin antibiotic treatment with the infected people, Top News reports.

Anthrax, a serious disease caused by the bacteria Bacillus anthraces, can spread from animals or be used as a weapon. Weaponized anthrax was used during the 2001 postal service attacks, which led to 22 cases of infection, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Anthrax is classified as a Category A agent by the CDC, meaning it can pose the greatest potential threat for a negative effect on public health.

Anthrax can pass from animals to humans when handling livestock, though person to person transmission does not occur. Officials from the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research warned the local population not to slaughter sick cattle and to dispose of them properly as opposed to throwing the dead bodies in the water or maintaining them in an open field. The IEDCR officials told people not to panic but to try to be aware of the disease, according to Top News.