Three more anthrax cases confirmed in Bangladesh

Health officials have confirmed that nine more cases of anthrax have been diagnosed in the Sirajganj and Pabna districts in Bangladesh, raising the total infected to 33 people.

The three new cases in Sirajganj included Abdul Quadar, Aser Ali and Zakirul, who contracted anthrax after coming into contact with meat from a sick goat that locals had slaughtered and distributed, The Daily Star reports.

Civil Surgeon Nazimuddin Khan said that a team from the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research led by Dr. Apurba Chakraborty left Dhaka for Sirajganj on Monday to provide medical care for the villagers.

Six new cases of anthrax have been diagnosed in Pabna, including Bachchu, Zakir Hossain, Shahid, Shahida, Champa and Mamata. According to Khalilur Rahman, the upazila health and family planning officer, those infected are suffering from cutaneous anthrax from processing the meat of a sick cow, The Daily Star reports.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cutaneous anthrax occurs when Bacillus anthracis spores come into contact with an individual’s skin. The first symptom for cutaneous anthrax is a small sore that develops into a blister. The blister later becomes a skin ulcer with a black area in the center.

The patients have been undergoing treatment at a local upazila health complex, according to Rahman.