Smiths Detection awarded $30 million for chemical detector

Smiths Detection was recently awarded a $30 million contract from the U.S. Department of Defense’s Joint Chemical Agent Detection program.

The total awarded to Smiths detection from the DOD’s JCAD program is more than $350 million, including the latest order for the enhanced M4A1 JCAD, which started delivery in April 2011.

The M4A1 JCAD is based on Smiths Detection’s LCD 3.3. It is a detect-to-warn device that samples the air for chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals. It is small, weighing less than two pounds, and can be worn without obstruction.

“This award for enhanced JCAD systems underscores Smiths Detection’s continued global leadership in the development of chemical detection technologies,” Tim Picciotti, vice president of global programs and USA country head for Smiths Detection, said. “It’s also a well-deserved win for our outstanding American manufacturing team and the work they are doing to continually enhance our technologies to better support and protect U.S. troops."

Smiths Detection recently expanded its operations into Edgewood, Maryland, to meet demand from the U.S. military for the JCAD program. The Edgewood facility currently employs 250 people and is Smith Detections’ main plant for threat detection systems.

Other Smiths Detection customers include homeland security authorities, customs and emergency responders.