Last mustard agent leaves Anniston depot

The last of 108 bulk containers containing mustard agent recently left the Anniston Chemical Agent Disposal Facility in Alabama after a 63 day disposal campaign.

Each container is almost seven feet long and has a diameter of over 30 inches. Each one can hold approximately 170 gallons of mustard agent, a chemical warfare agent that can cause severe burns and blisters to exposed areas of the skin, according to

Taken together, the 108 ton containers held 18,300 gallons of mustard agent. The Anniston operation disposed of enough mustard agent to fill 37,400 15.7 inch artillery shells.

“Our on-going safe disposal operations in general, and our ton container campaign in particular, continue to demonstrate to our community and to all who have oversight responsibilities of our project that we are a professional, well-trained team committed to the safe conclusion of our mission,” Timothy Garrett, the government site project manager, said, according to

Agent contamination waste will continue to be routinely processed at the facility as operations wind down.

“Even though the ton container campaign was relatively brief, we put the same planning, preparations and attention to detail as with any previous campaign,” Kenneth Ankrom, the plant manager, said, reports. “Safety and environmental compliance remain our top priority regardless of the campaign duration.”