Nebraska holds two day symposium on bioterror preparedness

Dozens of public health officials and emergency responders recently attended a two day symposium put on by the Nebraska Center for Preparedness Education on the subject of how to prepare for a bioterror attack.

The symposium, which took place in Norfolk, Neb., is meant to cover illness outbreaks, helping victims in a disaster and how to respond to acts of terrorism. The organizers of the event said that education on this subject is an important part in helping personnel plan and prepare for such an attack, reports.

"It gives us ideas for areas where people feel like they may have gaps in their disaster planning,” Sharon Medcalf of the NE Center for Preparedness said, according to “And then, we build programs based on some of the needs assessments they would get, and often it's feedback from this conference itself."

Nebraska Lt. Governor Rick Sheehy was also on hand to speak about a number of issues, including a new national watchdog program called “See Something, Say Something.”

"It's primarily for citizens,” Sheehy said, according to “If they see suspicious activity, if they see suspicious packages...just something isn't what it should be or is out of the ordinary, that they report that."

In addition, Norfolk Fire Chief Shane Weidner discussed how his team of firefighters dealt with a December 2009 propane fire at the former Proteint Foods plant.

The event concluded on Wednesday.