Chinese experts say Gaddafi will not use bioweapons

According to Chinese analysts on the “Focus Today” CCTV-4 television program, there is a low likelihood that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi will use biological and chemical weapons against rebel troops.

Zhang Zhaozhong, a professor at the National Defense University and a CCTV-4 contributing commentator, and Yin Gang, a researcher of West Asian and African studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, discussed Gaddafi on Focus Today, hosted by Lu Jian, reports.

After watching a video clip of an Associated Press report that Libyan government troops were seen wearing gas masks, Jian asked the commentators if the scenario was likely that Gaddafi would be prepared to use biochemical weapons.

Zhaozhong said that Libya does not have biological weapons and that the country has destroyed much of its previous chemical weapon stockpile, reports. He said that while some remnants of the weapons remain and that Libya still has the production capability to manufacture chemical weapons, he does not think that Libya will use the weapons.

Gang agreed that the likelihood that Gaddafi would use chemical weapons was low. He said that while the country may have some chemical weapons, he thinks the country will not use chemical weapons right now since the war is at a stalemate, according to Gang say, however, that Gaddafi might use chemical weapons as a “doomsday weapon” and last resort.