FBI investigates envelope found at Utah federal building

The FBI has begun an investigation into a substance discovered at the James V. Hansen Federal Building in Ogden, Utah, on Thursday that led to a scare and the evacuation of over 200 employees.

A hazardous materials team from Weber County determined that the material was no radioactive threat but there was not enough of the material available to test for additional hazards. The scare began when a worker opened a piece of mail on the building’s sixth floor around 12:30 Thursday afternoon, reports KSL.com reports.

"The envelope did not appear suspicious," Chad Tucker, the deputy Ogden fire chief, said, according to KSL.com. "When they went ahead and opened the envelope, they found a suspicious substance inside that. Then they activated the system."

After the building was placed on lockdown, over 200 people were told to evacuate and were sent home for the day. Some of the people in the building were children of workers taking part in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

As a precautionary measure, four people who were close to the material were decontaminated by hazmat teams before they were allowed to go home. The FBI said that the people near the substance did not experience any symptoms. The FBI stated that the material will now be tested in a lab to determine if there was any biological threat present, KSL.com reports.