Caliber Biotherapeutics opens world's lagest plant-based vaccine production plant

Caliber Biotherapeutics, a fully-integrated biopharmaceutical company, has announced the opening of the world’s largest plant-made pharmaceutical manufacturing company, capable of producing 10 to 100 million infectious vaccine doses per month to fight bioterror attacks and emerging infectious threats.

The Bryan, Texas, facility will have the ability to manufacture hundreds of thousands of doses of protein biotherapeutics like monoclonal antibodies. Caliber will also develop a proprietary product pipeline for infectious diseases and cancer that utilizes microbial- and cell-based production systems.

"With plant-based systems, we have an unprecedented level of flexibility and scalability," Barry Holtz, Caliber's chief scientific officer, said. "This enables simultaneous production of multiple proteins and rapid change-overs from one product to another in order to meet patients' needs and respond to emerging infectious diseases and bioterror threats."

The company said that the end result of this fundamentally different approach to vaccine and drug development will be more effective and affordable vaccines and biotherapeutics for patients delivered in a necessary time frame.

"The Caliber platform is designed to be uniquely agile and responsive, enabling us to accelerate development of products with improved efficacy, reduced cost and enhanced safety," Brett Giroir, the chief medical officer at Caliber, said. "Our goal is to make a rapid, meaningful impact on patients with unmet medical needs, both in the United States as well as in lesser developed countries with profound public health challenges."