Leaked cable warns of Iranian chemical weapons plant

According to a U.S. cable sent by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton that was recently released by WikiLeaks, Iran has a secret chemical weapons plant near the city of Qom, Iran.

In the cable, Haaretz.com reports, Clinton requested that the U.S. embassy in Beijing take action against Zibo Chemet, a Chinese company involved in the transfer of equipment, insight and technology to Iran.

The cable, which is dated July 24, 2009, says that Zibo Chemet supplied vital equipment for Iran's chemical weapons program.

Under regulations of the Australia Group, which supervises the sale of sensitive chemical technology, equipment and materials, such sales are forbidden. China is a member of the Australia Group.

"We have new information indicating that Zibo Chemet transferred technology for the production of glass-lined reactor equipment to Iranian customers, significantly enhancing Iran's ability to produce indigenously chemical equipment suitable for a chemical warfare program," the cable says, Haaretz.com reports.

The cable requests that the Beijing embassy pass information about Zibo Chemet to the Chinese government. It also demands aggressive action to force the firm to cease shipments.

According to Haaretz.com, Zibo Chemet was blacklisted by the U.S. in April 2007 after suspicions arose that it had supplied similar equipment to Iran, North Korea and Syria.