Iraqi police find large chemical weapons stockpile

An Iraqi police official announced on Thursday that his forces have captured a large stockpile of chemical weapons and explosive materials in the Sinaa district, a region south of Falluja.

The massive stockpile, weighing in at three tons, was concealed in a garage. It was discovered after the Iraqi police received intelligence reports from local residents, reports.

The Thursday morning raid was a joint effort between the first division of the Iraqi army and the local police.

Some of the reported weapons seized included chlorine, phosphorus, CA4, 315 packages of carbonate potassium, and other potentially dangerous materials that have yet to be identified, reports.

Exposure to phosphorus, which can be transmitted through the air, can cause dysrhythmias, coma, hypotension and death, according to the CDC.

The magnitude of the weapons could have made a devastating impact in the Anbar province of Iraq.

“These materials emit toxic gases that are harmful to medics and security forces after explosion,” Hadi Razij Kassar, Anbar’s police chief, said, according to “Falluja would have suffered twice the damage incurred by military action in the city to date.”

After the weapons were seized, they were then transferred to a forensic laboratory for further examination, reports.