Bioterror scare in Conn. found to be dirty diaper

Authorities in Woodbridge, Connecticut, announced on Sunday that a suspicious bag that prompted a call to them earlier in the day and sparked bioterror fears merely contained a dirty diaper.

The call came after veteran firefighter Roger Arpaia discovered the suspect bag wrapped around a door on his back porch, reports.

Before Arpaia reported the bag to police, he called everyone he knew to see if they were connected to the package’s origin. Once nobody could claim responsibility for it, Arpaia feared that it could contain anthrax or another bioterrorist agent, reports.

The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection’s emergency team, local police and the fire department all worked in conjunction to respond to the case.

The thorough investigation of the unidentified package involved a roadblock that lasted more than an hour.

"Even though this package did not present a public safety threat, it is critical for public safety officials to take all proper precautions when dealing with a suspicious package," Department of Environmental Protection spokesman Dennis Shain said, according to

According to the CDC, Category A bioterrorist agents, like anthrax, botulism and smallpox, are considered the highest risk and the highest priority and all suspected cases should be immediately communicated to the appropriate authorities.