England using undercover agents to examine bioterror targets

After risk experts reported that London’s shopping centers were “highly likely” targets for terrorist attacks during the 2012 Olympic Games, the British government has deployed undercover Special Air Services officers to the sites for examination.

The report was compiled by risk analysis experts Exclusive Analysis and said that the most vulnerable areas are the pubs around Covent Garden and Leicester Square along with the Javelin Shuttle, a high-speed train from St. Pancras to Stratford International, Press TV reports.

The report found that “chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear substances” are likely to be used by the terrorists that are “more likely” to target transportation systems.

"Small devices...could probably be smuggled in, though these are unlikely to incur mass casualties," the report said, Press TV reports. "Still easier would be a multiple bomb attack against pubs where people are watching events."

Another potential target is the Westfield Strafford City shopping center. The report found that the pubs, shopping centers and public transportation systems are “more likely to see successful attacks” than Olympic venues, Press TV reports.

The Association of Chief Police Officers has expressed some concern over their abilities to cope with the Olympic security needs, though they have stated they will use every piece of intelligence to make sure they are prepared for possible attacks.

"Resourcing the Games...will be a significant challenge for the police service, especially at a time when core funding for the service is being reduced," the ACPO said, according to Press TV.

The government of the United Kingdom recently announced that it will shrink its counterterror policing budget by 10 percent over the next four years.