Powder scare in Washington, D.C.

First responders from the Washington D.C. fire and emergency services department were recently called to investigate a mysterious white powder in southwest Washington, D.C.

As a precaution, authorities blocked off an area near 300 I St. SW, a residential district approximately a half a mile from Nationals Park, the Major League Baseball stadium located in Washington, D.C.

Hazardous materials teams studied the powder on site and found it to be harmless, according to the Washington Post.

In this case, fire and emergency services determined the substance to be vanilla pudding mix.

Last week in San Diego, California, hazardous materials crews were sent to a hotel in the Del Mar area to investigate reports from multiple people who claim to have been exposed to some type of white powder, according to SanDiego6.com.

Four people, including several employees from a nearby Hilton hotel, were taken to the hospital for further treatment. Once there, however, county officials denied them entrance before assessing the situation in full.

Officials suspect, and are trying to determine, whether the substances found in the hotel is lime, which can be used for water filtration. Lime can be corrosive when it comes into contact with human skin. No evacuations were ordered for the area.