Computer software allows modeling of attacks on outdoor spaces

Hygie-Tech’s HG_Flow.Protect software, which has been used by defense agencies to create CBRN disaster response plans on potentially targeted buildings, can now be used to scan outdoor spaces as well.

This extended capability gives security professionals the ability to use the software for planning for all eventualities with large outdoor gatherings, including international sporting events, reports. The software uses three-dimensional laser scans to visualize air flows that could affect airborne contamination.

Dr. Philippe Le Goff, the chief scientific officer at Hygie-Tech, enhanced the software with a new module that can capture meteorological data.

“This capability will be used by defense agencies in order to protect strategic areas,” Raymond Andrieu, CEO of Hygie-Tech, said, according to “Security and emergency services will now be able to use HG_Flow.Protect to prepare adequate answers to CBRN incidents in the open. This crucial development allows our clients to increase public safety at large events. Accurate calculations from our software identify target points in a specific area so that those in charge of security can position surveillance accordingly in these locations.”

The company will showcase the software in April at the London Counter Terror Expo. Hygie-Tech says that the technology will be available to its clients sometime in the next six months.  

The software uses a mathematical CFD model to generate visualization of air flows, gas flows and other particles and can give accurate detail down to one millimeter, reports. The product has been used by the security and defense sectors to create contingency plans for public buildings and other areas in the event of chemical and biological attack.