Northrup Grumman launches portable CBRN detection device

The Northrup Grumman Corporation has recently launched a new portable chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detection and assessment device.

The new Integrated Tactical Rapid Assessment of CBRN Environments, or I-TRACE, system can be used for the monitoring incidents of and the collection and handling of related data.

I-TRACE is intended to increase situational awareness, facilitate decision-making and promote information sharing among emergency response organizations. The system requires no specialist vehicle installation and is capable of being rapidly deployed with the use of existing emergency response vehicles.

Access to all of the data recorded by I-TRACE can be achieved through a web portal that is controlled using role-based authorized access.

"Command and control systems are critical to the successful management and coordination of a CBRN event,” Paul Davison, vice president of Defense at Northrop Grumman Information Systems Europe, said. “I-TRACE brings together key information assets to give users a common operational picture and provide emergency responders with an integrated analysis and response capability to help minimize the effect of CBRN attacks."

I-TRACE is designed to have a versatile architecture that allows for its use in a wide variety of situations and environments. It can be integrated with meteorological, visual and CBRN sensors to provide assistance during a CBRN incident to local commanders as well as others at remote locations. The raw sensor data will be available to those using existing analysis software.