Idaho investigating anthrax hoax letter

The Idaho state crime lab and law enforcement authorities said that their investigation into a recent biochemical threat at the Bannock County Courthouse in Pocatello, Idaho, is continuing to move forward.

The Idaho State Police announced that the state crime lab in Boise was unable to detect any harmful substances inside an envelope that was left at the courthouse last week, according to The police are taking the threat very seriously and have assured the public that they are following up on several viable leads.

“They’ve concluded that there were no harmful substances in the envelope," Captain Eric Dayley of the Idaho State Police said, reports. "There were no chemical or biological substances in there and [nothing was found] that would hurt someone."

Last week, the Bannock County Courthouse was evacuated after the threat was found in the form of a handwritten letter. The letter had been placed in an envelope that was stuck on a wall by the auditor’s office. It was addressed to Judge Gaylen Box. The letter read, “If you open this you will die.”

Following the extensive testing conducted last week, the state police say the next step is to check the envelope and letter for fingerprints.

"We do have some good leads and we are following up on those," Captain Dayley said, reports. "We feel confident that we'll have a resolution to this incident."