NYPD purchases $5 million anti-terror boat

The New York Police Department recently announced the purchase of a $5 million patrol boat designed to withstand chemical and biological attacks.

The craft will contain steel doors and windows and a positive-pressure-protected cabin that can be activated in the case of a chemical, biological or radiological incident. An onboard decontamination unit will be capable of treating victims of such an attack, according to the New York Post.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said that the NYPD intends to use the specialized, 72-foot craft to protect the city if terrorists move in by water, as they did when attacking Mumbai, India, in 2008.

"We want to be able to transport a significant number of…officers by boat, and our boats right now are not configured to transport people," Kelly said after testifying at a City Council hearing, the the New York Post reports. "They have a lot of equipment on them. So we're looking for that capability."

The federal government will pay for the new equipment though the use of grant money.

The new boat will be the largest in the police’s harbor unit. Instead of propellers, it will utilize jet propulsion, making it capable of moving at 40 knots, or 47 mph. It will be able to carry 30 fully equipped members of the Emergency Service Unit.

The NYPD currently has 28 boats in its fleet, but only one with jet propulsion, according to the New York Post. The vessel will have anti-ballistic protection around its engine, windows and walls to protect against a suicide attack.

The boat is currently in the design stage at the Gladdin-Hearn Shipbuilding Company in Somerset, Massachusetts and could be delivered within a year of receiving funding.