Expert warns of bioterror's ability to undermine America

Dr. Jeffrey Simon recently said that he believes the war on terrorism cannot be won, and that bioterrorism, in particular, could disturb the foundations of American society.

According to Simon, the nation needs to set a priority of preparing response to acts of bioterrorism. He called the lack of U.S. capabilities in this area a serious weakness.

Simon made his comments at a February 23 lecture entitled "U.S. National Security Since 9/11," where he addressed the future of national security in the United States, according to

“It [9/11] created a shift in how the U.S. viewed the world at large,” Simon said during the lecture, according to

Simon then said that he believed when former President George W. Bush proclaimed that any country not in the fight against terrorism with the United States could be considered a hostile regime, it forever altered the standards by which America viewed national security.

The statement, according to Simon, further depleted any goodwill or sympathy the rest of the world had for the United States after the attacks.

From then on, it opened the way for more groups, both homegrown and abroad, to try and destabilize the country, particularly through the use of biological terrorism, Simon said, reports.

Simon said that most terrorist attacks with conventional weapons have little potential to destabilize the country. He fears the impact of bioterrorism.

“Bioterrorism, in my view, is the most serious and likely threat to our national security,"Simon said, reports.

Experts are uncertain of what tactics, targets or weapons could be used in such an attack, and are therefore unsure of how to prepare properly for them.

One thing is certain to Simon, however, and it's that terrorists are committed to conducting more spectacular attacks because of the difficult threshold set for them due to the success of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks..

Simon, a former analyst with the RAND Corporation, is now president of the Political Risk Assessment Company, a California-based operation that studies the development of terrorist tactics and the potential changes in terrorist trends.