Report warns that terrorists could use bioweapons on U.S. soil

A research report conducted by the APA has analyzed terrorist threats on the domestic front and has determined that terrorists currently have operational ability to affect biological attacks on United States soil.

Additional, the study found that Hezbollah is working with Mexican cartels and rogue elements of the Mexican military and that the Department of Homeland Security has potentially been infiltrated by criminal agents and foreign enemies.

The APA will present its findings and evidence to certain members of the House and Senate in March along with recommendations for dealing with each of the threats.

The report contains evidence that supports certain findings like the fact that potential terrorists are being approved for US citizenship, that Islamic terrorist networks have been confirmed inside the U.S. and that the U.S. borders are operating between 6 percent and 40 percent security integrity levels. Other findings center on the inability of the country to protect its borders from terrorists.

The APA believes that by enacting their changes and recommendations, the current domestic terrorist threat can be reduced by 98 percent and that borders will be secure with 95 percent or higher integrity levels. Additionally, the APA says, the changes would reduce the federal budget by $100 billion a year. Other APA solutions may reduce national employment by two to three percentage points and permanently end and resolve illegal immigration.