Former Libyan official says Gaddafi has bioweapons

With the conflict in Libya worsening, a growing number of experts and ex-Libyan officials are worried dictator Muammar Gaddafi could use biological and chemical weapons to seek an end the revolt taking place there.

Libya’s former Justice Minister Mustafa Abdel-Jalil said that Gaddafi still possesses biological weapons like anthrax, nerve agents like sarin and possibly genetically modified smallpox. Abdel-Jalil said that Gaddafi is not afraid to use them, according to

According to experts, while Gaddafi gave up substantial amounts of such weapons in 2003 as part of a means to reenter the international community, he still maintains an arsenal capable of causing a significant amount of damage.

Despite being hailed as “the real non-proliferation success story of the new millennium” by Paula DeSutter, President Bush’s assistant secretary of state for compliance and verification, the process of verifying Gaddafi’s weapons programs and their destruction has been slow and incomplete, reports.

Gaddafi still maintains an arsenal of Scud-B missiles and conventional artillery shells that could be easily adapted to carry biological and chemical agents.

It is thought that Gaddafi has at least 650 tons of material that could produce a wide array of chemical weapons, reports. The Rabta Chemical Weapons Production Facility, located in Libya, is believed to be the largest in the developing world.