Cambodia bans manufacture of bioweapons, WMDs

The government of Cambodia recently approved a decree banning the manufacture of materials that could be used in the production of weapons of mass destruction, including bioweapons.

In Cambodia, the decree is seen as a message for finding peace directed at Thailand. Thai-Cambodian relations have been stretched thin amid tensions provoked by a border conflict, which Prime Minister Hun Sen considered to be in a state of war, according to

Cambodia already has bans against weapons of mass destruction in place in its constitution's articles nine and 54, which ban the production, use or storage of chemical, nuclear or biological arms. The new decrees look to add more regulation to the existing structures.

The Defense Ministry presented the project as a further mechanism to control the use of chemical weapons materials within the statutes set forward by international treaties on the subject, reports.

Defense Undersecretary Chum Sambath further reiterated that Cambodia does not have, nor intends to use, chemical or nuclear weapons, despite tensions with Thailand.

“We do not have the intention of invading any country,” Sambath said, according to

In 2005, Cambodia signed the Convention on Chemical Weapons, a part of a global ban on using weapons of mass destruction, reports.