Anthrax scare in Canton, Ohio

A Canton, Ohio, woman recently created an anthrax scare in an attempt to get revenge on neighborhood vandals that instead ended up closing a government building.

The unidentified woman became disgruntled after her newspaper box had been repeatedly attacked, according to The box had been torn from its stand, packed with snow and had its numbers ripped off.

The newspaper box victim had apparently had enough and decided to scare the perpetrators by dropping a small package containing white powder into the box and hoping the vandals would assume the worst. To be sure she, also included a short note telling the vandals to stop messing with her paper and to consider getting jobs.

Unfortunately for all involved, the woman’s imitation anthrax had gotten on her regular newspaper man’s jacket, reports. He had picked up the box and the powder spilled on him.

Later in the day, the newspaper man arrived at the Stark County Job & Family Services and complained that he was feeling ill. The man pointed out the substance on his jacket and asked to use the phone.

The newspaper man dialed 911 and the authorities swiftly came and shut the building down, according to The man’s car was covered with crime scene tape and an investigation began.

Hazardous materials team members discovered the substance was baking soda, but not before several firefighter/paramedics were taken to the hospital as a precaution.