Obama's budget includes fight against biological weapons

The proposed budget by President Obama requests $553 billion for the base spending of the Defense Department and $118 billion to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for a total of $671 billion.

The budget figure represents a rise of $22 billion above the 2010 fiscal year spending, which includes increased spending in cybersecurity and new efforts to protect against biological weapons, the Washington Post reports.

Despite the increase in spending, the war funding drops from an expected $159 billion to the $118 billion proposed. The overall proposed figure in the year 2012 is expected to be around $20 billion less than defense spending was this year.

Some weapons systems will be eliminated in the budget, like the $13 billion Marine amphibious landing craft known as the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, the Washington Post reports.

"Efficiency and management reforms" have also been put in place to limit skyrocketing military healthcare costs, which will save $8 billion over the next five years.

A total of $12.8 billion has been requested for Afghan security forces, which is up close to $1 billion from the current year, constituting even more from the amount contained in the fiscal 2011 continuing resolution.

Individual armed forced requests include the Army at $144.9 billion, the Navy at $161.4 billion and the Air Force at $150.0 billion.