Official accused of attempting to pass biothreat materials to al-Qaeda

Raymond Davis, a U.S. official accused of committing a double murder, was found in possession of classified CIA documents concerning biological and nuclear materials that he allegedly planned to provide to al-Qaeda.

Davis is being held in Pakistan, where he was arrested for shooting two men who he claims were trying to rob him. Tensions between the United States and Pakistan have increased because of the incident, according to

SVR, Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, is calling the situation between the two nations grave. The SVR alleges that Davis is a member of the U.S. TF-373 black operations unit, which is currently operating in Afghanistan and in tribal areas of Pakistan.

The United States insists that Davis was a diplomat and that the two people he killed were actually robbers, reports. Pakistan alleges that the two alleged robbers were agents of their intelligence service, the ISI, who were sent to follow him after it was discovered he was making contact with al-Qaeda.

Davis’ cell phone was allegedly tracked to the Waziristan tribal area bordering Afghanistan, according to the SVR.

The SVR claims the top-secret documents in Davis’ custody point to his, and maybe TF-373’s, complicity in providing al-Qaeda terrorists with biological agents and nuclear fissile material, reports.