Chance of WMD attack on U.S. seen as 100 percent

A source inside the Federal Bureau of Investigation recently revealed that the probability of the United States being hit by weapons of mass destruction is 100 percent.

Dr. Vahid Majidi, the FBI’s assistant director in charge of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate, told that such an attack could be conducted by foreign terrorists, lone wolf terrorists or criminals.

Majidi said such an attack could be launched using chemical, biological or radiological weapons, not necessarily a nuclear device.

Every year, American intelligence receives reports of terrorists obtaining WMDs, and when U.S. forces invaded Afghanistan they found that al-Qaeda was working on what was described as a nascent WMD program involving chemical and biological weaponry, reports.

So far, reports of foreign terrorists acquiring WMD have turned out to be erroneous, but Majidi’s directorate routinely investigates more than a dozen cases each year involving WMD in the United States.

“The notion of probability of a WMD attack being low or high is a moot point because we know the probability is 100 percent,” Majidi said, according to “We’ve seen this in the past, and we will see it in the future. There is going to be an attack using chemical, biological or radiological material.”