Experts fear attack on London biologic lab

Experts are expressing their fears of a terror attack aimed at a £600 million biologic laboratory that is planned for St. Pancras, London, England.

The proposed 14 story complex is intended to house viruses, including malaria, tuberculosis, bird and swine flu and HIV, reported.

According to professor Guy Dodson, previously of Oxford University, the laboratory, for security, would have to be “bullet-proof” and capable of withstanding an earthquake, a bomb or an intense fire. There are also concerns that trains that run nearby might damage sensitive equipment.

“The issues are if you have an earthquake, some idiot lets a bomb off or there’s a fire at St. Pancras International,” Dodson said, according to the Evening Standard. “These are extreme examples but you don’t want that building to suffer a serious knockabout when you’ve got this material in there.

“The unspoken concern is terrorism because it’s a natural target. We need to know the capacity they have for dealing with the unexpected.”

The biochemist’s fears apparently echo those of the thousands living in the nearby community, reports.

In a letter written to a Commons Science and Technology select committee, Dodson wrote, according to, "I fear that the £600 million funding will not be sufficient to meet the uncertainties in building and equipping the laboratories.”