South African man arrested over bioweapon threats to U.S.

A South African man who threatened to use biological weapons on the U.K. and U.S. unless he was paid a ransom was arrested on Saturday.

There is currently no evidence that the man was capable of such an attack, the Daily Mail reports.

The arrest comes after a six month terror investigation by British, U.S. and South African officials and concluded with the arrest of the 64-year-old businessman in northwestern South Africa, according to the Daily Mail.

“This biological agent, if deployed, would have caused the destruction of property and resulted in major economic loss,” a police statement said, according to Daily Mail. “This was therefore regarded as a very serious threat.”

The man allegedly repeatedly emailed and sent letters that he would carry out the threats unless paid $4 million.

“We can confirm that this was an ongoing and close collaboration with the South African Police Service, Scotland Yard and American law enforcement based as the U.S. Embassy,” Elizabeth Trudeau, a U.S. embassy spokeswoman said, the Daily Mail reports.

The man will not be named until he appears in Johannesburg for the court case, which will begin today. What is known is that he was born in Zimbabwe and that he was arrested in Hartbeespoort in the northwest part of the country, East Coast Radio reports. The man’s home and other sites were searched for evidence of the chemical, but none have been found as of yet.