Umatilla Chemical Depot reaches halfway point in disposal campaign

The Umatilla Chemical Depot in Umatilla, Oregon, recently reached the halfway point in its last disposal campaign, destroying 1,318 containers of mustard agent.

“In the last several months, we have been waging a strong campaign toward total elimination of the chemical weapons stockpile at Umatilla,” Lt. Col. Kris Perkins, UMCD commander, said, according to “Reaching the halfway point in the last chemical disposal campaign is a significant milestone toward achieving the goal of safe and compliant disposal of that stockpile.”

The disposal campaign began in June 2009. Depot officials expect the campaign will end late this year, seven years after the first munitions were destroyed at the facility, according to

“Safe operations and environmental compliance will continue to guide our operations,” Steve Warren, project manager for the company that built and operates the incineration plant, said, according to

The United States and other nations making a push to destroy chemical weapons in compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention, which has an April 29, 2012, deadline.

“We will continue to dispose of the remaining mustard ton containers with the same persistence and dedication to safety as we have demonstrated since beginning destruction activities in September 2004,” Gary Anderson, UMCDF Army Site Project Manager, said, according to