U.S. military strategists concerned about bioweapons

A new series of Wikileaks cables shows American military strategists are concerned that rogue nations and terrorist groups might acquire biological and chemical weapons.

The cables show that American strategists also fear an al Qaeda radiological bomb, but bioweapons are the main concern, according to BusinessInsider.com.

After the fall of communism, scientists from the Soviet Union’s vast biological weapons programs went missing and re-emerged years later in places like Syria, North Korea, Iran and Iraq. Many have since been located, but disturbing reports have appeared that show the science of biological warfare might be simpler than once thought.

Late in the George W. Bush administration, the president’s science advisor reportedly received a package that detailed how strings of molecules purchased from the backs of science magazines could be used to create a genetically altered polio virus that would be unaffected by current vaccines, BusinessInsider.com reports.

The package was sent by prominent scientists trying to make an important point about the nation’s security. There is a fear that polio could have been smallpox and the scientists terrorists in the illustrative example.

There is little the military could do in a situation where suicide disease spreaders fanned out to populous places to distribute smallpox, according to BusinessInsider.com. If someone conducts such an operation, it might not even be clear who did it and there is little that could be done about it.