Ohio man bragged about making ricin

According to a federal affidavit, Ohio man Jeffrey Levenderis, who was arrested on January 28 on federal charges of possession of a biological substance, boasted of making the deadly poison ricin.

Levenderis allegedly boasted of making weaponized ricin 10 years ago and told agents he did it because he had heard that 90 percent of people who tried to make the substance died and he wanted to see if he could do it, according to Ohio.com.

Ricin was found in a coffee can in Levenderis’ freezer. Authorities were tipped off about its presence by Robert Coffman, a former policeman and the man who bought Levenderis’ foreclosed home. Coffman had apparently become the suspect’s confidant during the foreclosure proceedings.

When Coffman found the home in a state of disarray in December, Levenderis told him, according to Ohio.com, “I hope no one took the coffee can that was in the freezer.” When asked why, Levenderis allegedly responded, “If anyone opened it, it could be dangerous.”

Levenderis suggested to Coffman that he dispose of the container by burning it or burying it in the backyard, Ohio.com reports.

According to the affidavit, Coffman found a clear Folgers instant coffee container with a gold lid in the freezer. Inside the container were three pill bottles wrapped in plastic. Coffman later found papers in the house with instructions on how to make the dangerous substance.

Coffman did not explain why he waited so long to take his information to Akron law enforcement officials, thought the affidavit says Coffman helped move Levenderis into a nursing home.

In an interview with the FBI, Ohio.com reports, Levenderis first claimed that the substance was a strong ant poison, but after being told of the consequences should he be caught lying, he admitted that it was indeed ricin.